The Subtle Kundalini Energy

“Now, this kundalini is the primordial power which is reflected within you, and within you, in a human being, it is like many strands of energy. So, it’s like a rope, and these energies are all twisted together to form this kundalini…. Now, it is absolutely pure light of knowledge, love, compassion and attention. All these […]

What is Self Realisation?

When we think of “self realisation”  it’s easy to imagine it to mean the achievement of our highest dreams, or perhaps a deeper awareness of ourselves. And even though we do strive for these things, our results are usually limited by what we, as humans, can achieve. So to get beyond, something extra has to happen. This […]

Raising the energy and balancing with bandhan

These two simple exercises help us get into the state of meditation more quickly and they are done one after the other, first raising the energy, then the bandhan. It’s helpful to do this both before and after your meditation. Before helps you balance more quickly and bring the energy up, afterwards to help you […]

The Subtle System

The left channel is the channel of emotion, of feelings and our pure desire, our more feminine side. It starts below the kundalini energy and ends in the right side of the brain which many people see as our creative side, and the part of the brain that governs our softer, less analytical, skills. We […]

3 Channels

The Subtle System in our body has three main channels, the left channel (of desire and emotion – blue), the right channel (of action and thinking – yellow) and the central channel, the channel of our balance and evolution. There is also, at the base of the spine in our sacrum bone, the subtle kundalini energy.