Find a Class

Sahaja Yoga Meditation is taught for free in most countries around the world so finding a class may not be hard at all. Classes usually last an hour and include an introduction to the technique and practical help, as well as time to meditate with others.

In the US and Canada classes may be found in libraries or community centers.  Searching “Sahaja” on may show what’s close to you, or use the links below.

Click here for classes in the Tampa Bay area.

Click here for USA zip code search for classes, or try here for a list by state.

Click here for classes in Canada.

Click here for classes in Britian or Ireland.

Click here for classes in other countries around the World.

Free Online meditation course.

Meditacion Sahaja en Espanol.

Why is it free?  
Actually true meditation is a natural process which cannot be owned or sold. Sahaja Yoga meditation is taught by volunteers who, having benefited from the technique so much, enjoy sharing it with others. Our (not very hidden) agenda is to help everyone achieve the state of true meditation so they can become more balanced, healthy and at peace with themselves and one another.  If everyone in the world becomes more balanced, then the world will benefit too.

Questions or suggestions?  Please send them here.