Stop Thinking Techniques


To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour
William Blake

The techniques will help you:

1. relax
2. slow your thoughts
3. enjoy the state of meditation.

Sit comfortably, remove your shoes, glasses or anything that might make you uncomfortable or distract you.  Rest your hands on your lap, palms up, in a gesture of receiving. Keep your back straight but relaxed.

You can download these at the bottom of the page.


Conscious Breathing
This technique teaches you how to slow your thoughts by focusing on your breathing.

~ Start by letting go of your tension, relax your face, shoulders, hands and fingers. If any part of your body feels tense just let it go.

~ Close your eyes. Take some slow, deep breaths through your nose.

~ Allow your attention to come inside and connect with the pattern of your breathing. Establish a natural, gentle rhythm of breathing through your nose, bringing the air down into your chest and then allowing it to come out.

~ Breath slowly this way for a minute or so till your body and your breathing feels natural and relaxed.

~ Breath in gently and at the end of your in breath, pause for a second or two.

~ Breathe out gently and at the end of your out breath, pause for a second or two.

~ Do this for awhile so it feels natural — but not so you feel dizzy or short of breath.  Breathe in, pause. Breathe out, pause. You may notice your thoughts are slowing down.

~ See how when you pause at the ends of your breaths, there’s a silence there. Put your attention on that silence and try to stay in it as you continue to breathe.

~ Your attention may drift to the top of your head. If so, let it go there and try to keep it there as you breathe. If you are still thinking a lot, don’t stay with your thoughts, just let them go and bring your attention back to the top of your head.

~ If you feel any tension or pains in your body don’t focus on it. Keep your awareness on your breathing and in that space at the top of your head. Ask the subtle energy flowing through you to clear any tension or pains in your body and help you meditate more deeply.

~ Enjoy your meditation.


How to Stop Thinking

‘Empty your mind of all thoughts. Let your heart be at peace’  Lao Tse

When we first sit down to meditate the mind typically has many thoughts, especially if we’ve been active or on a computer all day. Over activity, especially constant mental activity, will over stimulate the mind – which leads to tension and stress – so learning to relax both the mind and the body comes first. The state of thoughtless meditation will come if we can relax into the present moment. The following techniques will help you:

1) Feel instead of think.  When our attention gets wrapped up in things it’s easy to forget  the beauty of being one with the moment, experiencing it.  By tuning into the silence in nature, witnessing the beauty of the sky and the trees rather than analysing everything, we go thoughtless. The silence in nature helps the mind relax and slow down.

2) Be in your heart. When meditating put your hand on your heart and bring your attention inside.  Breath and open up to the joy in your heart. Try and feel the eternal spirit in your heart. When we connect with our spirit (and just enjoy) we do not analyse or judge, we’re just alive.

3) Pretend you are at the cinema. If you can watch your thoughts drift by instead of getting involved they will stop being so demanding. Watch them drift in and out of your awareness but don’t fight them, nor allow yourself to be carried away off by them. Focus on your breathing and allow your attention to move to the top of your head.

3) Just say no. Pick one of these phrases and say it inside to yourself to help relax your mental activity: “Not that thought, not that thought” – “I am not these thoughts” – “I forgive my thoughts” –  “I forgive everyone, I forgive myself” – “Please remove my thoughts.” Forgiving without analysing enables our minds to clear and let go. You can also place your right hand across your forehead and slightly squeeze it.  Then ask the energy inside to clear your mind and remove your thoughts while allowing your attention to drift above your head.

4) Bring your attention higher. Place your right hand on the very top of your head (where the bone was soft when you were a baby). Press your palm firmly down on that spot and bring your attention there.  Then slowly, consciously, raise your hand above your head a few inches, while allowing your attention to drift into the space above your head. Allow your attention to be there as if you are balancing (but not visualizing) a bubble there. Bring the hand down but keep your attention there.  If your eyes are open try and watch your surroundings without thinking.

5) Say OM.  According to the philosophy of yoga OM is the primordial sound made when the universe was created. There is such silence in this sound that saying it helps slow the thoughts. Also it gives the mind something to do, but something that is quiet like looking at the sky or the ocean. Try saying OM inside and see if it works for you.

6) Try saying the affirmations.

7) Try the balancing techniques. Both footsoaking and the ice treatment are very helpful for removing tension after a busy day of thinking!



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