The Central Channel

centralchannelThe central channel is the channel of equilibrium.  It is also the channel that sustains our balance and evolution. While some people are naturally quite balanced, the demands of modern living can make it difficult to stay that way.

The solution lies in our daily meditation which helps us deepen and maintain our connection with this central channel, our place of balance, and balanced awareness. When our attention is balanced we are in touch with the present moment, as opposed to living too much in the past  (which is over) or the future (which does not yet exist).   By managing the present in a balanced way then our future takes the right course automatically.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” Lao Tse

The energy of the left side in the extreme is so passive it’s like decay.  The right side in the extreme is the opposite, it’s when things become overly fast paced, overly developed and joyless.  The central channel is where life sustains itself naturally according to it’s natural rhythm and flow.

This central channel that facilitates our spiritual growth runs alongside our spine up to the top of our heads. This is where our attention sits when we engage in thoughtless meditation, and so cultivate a higher awareness about ourselves and the world around us. Being silent inside in meditation strengthens our attention on the central channel, and our ability to stay in balance every day.