The Left Channel

left-channelThe left channel, or Moon channel, is the channel of feelings, emotions and desires. At the top of the left channel (on the right side of the brain) sits a little blue balloon called the superego which stores our memories, habits and conditionings. Also the feelings we have about ourselves.

If we are over using the energy of our left channel, we can fall into sadness or negative thinking, or spend too much time worrying about the past. If we find ourselves too often feeling like a victim, lethargic or unable to assert ourselves we are more left channel dominant and left sided.

Left sided people may also have an imbalanced opinion of themselves in a negative direction, lacking confidence or always feeling worried or afraid.  Although circumstances and unfortunate life events can push people more in this direction, it’s unfortunate because being left sided makes it difficult for a person to actually enjoy life, or to dwell more happily in the present, thus creating more happy thought patterns and memories.

If you look at the picture the left side is the color blue, which goes to black. That is because the left channel, when blocked, tends to be cold, and in the extreme it is black, like things that are rotting or dead (in the past).

Through this meditation the left side clears and gets stronger, able to support the emotions more dynamically.  A person with a strong left side is sweet and kind, creative, emotionally stable, supportive, nurturing and joyful.

A remedy for being too left sided is to move more toward the right side, using their channel of action to break these bad habits. Sunshine, fresh air, warm footsoaks, having fun, being creative… all these things will help.  Some techniques to clear a negative left channel would be meditating with the morning sun on the back of the head, or laying on the grass looking up at the sky.  Both these help to “clear the head” of an overabundance of negative thoughts.

Although the left side is considered the more feminine side, it exists equally in men and women. And while some people lean more toward either being left sided or right sided, it is also quite common for people to swing from side to side, as hyperactivity, overactivity or stress will leave a person feeling exhausted, and more prone to negative thinking.