The Right Channel

rightchannelThe right channel, or Sun channel, is the channel of action, responsible for the intellectual and mental work we do through our thinking and rationality. We use the energy of our right side to take ourselves into the future.

At the top of the right channel (on the left side of the brain) sits a little yellow balloon called the ego which stores all our plans and thoughts about how much better we are than other people. Of course it’s important to have a healthy sense of self, but when the right side becomes dominant through overactivity, egotistical thoughts and/or anger, this can hijack our ability to enjoy life.

If we spend a lot of time thinking about the future, making plans, giving orders and doing doing doing we are considered more right channel dominant or right sided. People who overly use the energy of right side can end up feeling very stressed, irriritable and lacking in joy, love and compassion. The mind ends up dominating the heart.

Through meditation using the power of our central channel we balance and become more effective, alert and assertive in a natural but not egotistical way. We cool ourselves down and learn how to let go of the anger, stress and impatient feelings, keeping in mind that the future is not here yet and what’s important is the present and through attending to the needs in the present, a more balanced future for ourselves unfolds. Our attention and focus also improves.

Aside from stress, an over active right side can cause illness such as heart attacks, high blood pressure, pancreas or liver troubles. Depression or exhaustion can occur as the body retaliates from the constant demand for energy.  Good for cooling an overactive right side are cold footsoaks or ice treatment. Appreciating the beauty of nature, music, art and playing with children can also help bring us into balance by activating our more feeling side.

Although the right side is considered the more masculine side, it exists equally in men and women. And while some people lean more toward either being left sided or right sided, it is also quite common for people to swing from side to side.