Simple Channel Balancing Exercises

Our hands speak!  These simple movements will help you clear and balance the channels in your subtle system so you can meditate more deeply, and clear yourself of any imbalances in your subtle system.

  • Sit with your palms open on your lap in a gesture of receiving.
  • Take a moment to become aware of, and relax, any tension in your face, body and hands.
  • Now allow your mind to relax too. Let go of any worries or thoughts.
  • Bring your attention on to your breathing and on the present moment.
  • Connect with the joy of your spirit in your heart.
  • Allow your attention to rise above your mental activity to above your head.
  • Sit silently in mediation as long as you can.
  • Notice your hands, does one feel warmer or heavier than the other?  Can you feel coolness in your palms? This shows the energy is flowing and giving you information about the state of your subtle system.

If one hand feels heavier or warmer than the other, that is the channel that’s more out of balance, either over or under used. If your left hand feels heavier or warmer, do the balancing exercise to clear your the left channel as you meditate. If your right hand feels warmer, do the exercise to balance the right channel. Actually it’s not a bad idea to clear all three channels when first sitting down to meditate.

Balancing the Left Channel
When the left channel is blocked we may feel lethargic, depressed and overly affected by events in our past we feel bad about. To clear these we use the magnetic power of the earth element to clear it. Meditate with your right hand, palm down, on the earth or floor. If you are sitting on a chair, let it hang down by your side.  Say inside, from your heart “please remove all imbalances from my left channel”. You can also ask the healing energy of the Mother Earth to absorb any imbalances you have in your left (emotional) channel.

This will help you if:
~ Your left hand feels warmer or heavier than your right while meditating.
~ You feel sad, exhausted, overly emotional or depressed.


Balancing the Right Channel
When the right channel is overactive we feel stressed or “overheated” from too much thinking, planning or activity. To clear this hold your left hand up with the palm facing backwards for a minute or two so the heat can escape into the air. Say inside “please clear my right channel” or ask the air element to clear the stress and heat from your body.

This will help you if:
~ Your right hand feels warmer or heavier than your left while meditating.
~ You can’t stop thinking/planning, are stressed, angry or have problems sleeping.


General Clearing and Balancing
This is a great technique for clearing and balancing yourself overall. Meditate with both hands, palms down, on the earth, or the floor if you’re inside.

Ask the earth to remove any imbalances from your channels and subtle system.


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clearing the channels


This video shows another channel balancing technique that works. Happy meditating!