Raising the energy and balancing with bandhan

These two simple exercises help us get into the state of meditation more quickly and they are done one after the other, first raising the energy, then the bandhan. It’s helpful to do this both before and after your meditation. Before helps you balance more quickly and bring the energy up, afterwards to help you stay balanced throughout your day.  The movements are also a simple way to signal to your mind and body “now we are going to meditate” (before) and “let’s try and keep this state of peace and calm throughout the day” (after).

These are not just physical movements but something we try to do also with our “attention”. So when raising your energy with your hands imagine the energy rising in your body, that you are bringing it up not only with your hands (action) but also with your attention (feeling). Whenever we combine the energy of our left side (our feelings and motivation) with our right side (action) the outcome is much more effective.

#1 Raising the Energy  raising
The first is called “raising the kundalini” and this helps bring the energy (and your attention) above your head.  Kundalini is the Sanskrit word for the mothering, cleansing energy inside us in the sacrum bone at the base of our spine. It means “coiled energy”. Once she rises above your head once she is awakened in you. After this it’s easier for you to bring the energy up yourself and experience the silence of meditation.

Doing the movement: Hold your left hand in front of your sacrum bone and circle it with your right hand as you raise them both up together above your head. Remember to imagine the energy rising also with your attention.  The circle around the left hand is done in a certain direction – if you start with the right hand under the left hand, the right hand moves in toward your body, than over the top outward – under – in – over – out.  When the hands are above the head tie a knot to keep the energy up.  See the animation below.

We do this 3 times  – once for each of the three channels (left, right and center) in our subtle system.  Learning to keep the attention above your head takes practice but it really does help you feel more balanced throughout the day.

#2 Bandhan ~ Protectionbandhan
The second movement is called “putting on a bandhan”.

Doing the movement:  Put your left hand open on your left leg or knee area comfortably. Place your right hand near your left hip area then move it over your head, like making a rainbow around yourself. Going over and back again counts as one time. Do this 7 times, once for each energy center (chakra) in our subtle system.

This action is like putting a protective shield around ourselves to keep the calm in, and the disturbances out.  Bandhan in Sanskrit means “bond of love”. Keep your attention on your body and hands as you do it and you may feel a coolness in your palms.

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