7 Energy Centers

In our subtle system there are 7 energy centers along our spinal column where networks, or junctions, of nerves cross.  In medicine they call these plexuses but in the meditation and yoga they’re called chakras. Chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit.

For example the third chakra, at the level of our stomach, corresponds to our solar plexus.  The fourth, near our heart, corresponds to the aortic plexus.

In Sahaja each energy center has a meaning based on how the area of our body functions on a subtle level.  For example the fifth center in our throats relates to communication and collectivity, whereas the sixth center in our forehead relates to mental activity and forgiveness.  The basic meanings are:

#1)  Innocence

#2)  Creativity, pure knowledge and awareness

#3)  Peace, satisfaction and generosity, self mastery

#4)  Love, security, compassion and joy

#5)  Communication and diplomacy; feeling part of the whole by having a more universal awareness

#6)  Thought and mental activity, forgiveness

#7)  This top center is an integration of all the centers. This is where we experience true meditation (thoughtless awareness) and gain awareness of our higher self.

When the subtle energies flow smoothly through our chakras we naturally express the positive qualities of that area.  For example if the heart is clear we are more loving, more sensitive to beauty, and we feel more secure, all of which has an extremely positive impact on the quality of our lives. A persistent blockage will indicate there is something not quite as it should be there, some behavior, feeling or habit which inhibits the energy moving through the area and this can eventually lead to physical or emotional problems such as heart problems, or difficulty expressing love.

The good news is that through daily meditation our centers become stronger and more clear as the kundalini, cleanses and balance us.  When we are balanced everything changes, our reactions, behaviour and sense of well being.  We come to understand that this power to heal ourselves lies within and all we need to do is use it.

When the subtle energy rises to the 7th center this is known as “self realization“.  By meditating regularly with the attention on this 7th center a new awareness starts to blossom.  We see ourselves more objectively, what is good for us, and what takes us out of balance, and we see the world around us differently too.  Although this occurs naturally through meditation, our rate of progress is accelerated through our desire and motivation to go deeper and to grow.


How our body speaks to us 
As our awareness changes, our awareness of our body changes too and we come to see how our body tells us about our own condition.  Notice how each finger in the subtle system has a number next to it. This shows how each energy center (chakra) is connected through our nervous system to our hands.

In meditation we come to feel sensations in our hands and body, which we are then able to decode.  Although the kundalini, as we meditate, will work to clear us automatically, if we know about what these sensations mean, we can help clear ourselves.  So even though a person doesn’t need to know the system to get the benefits, if they have a persistent blockage or health problem, understanding the system help them fix their own imbalance in a more conscious way.

When the energy is flowing it’s common to feel a coolness above our head and in our palms. Tingling in certain fingers or areas of pressure or tension in the body show resistance, and where the kundalini is working to clear.  Asking the kundalini energy to clear any blockages you feel really helps, because then you are helping the kundalini with the power of your desire and motivation.

For most people this is a new awareness, so it can take a bit of time and effort to learn, and also to learn to trust we have this power within.  Some people feel the tingling in their hands right away, and for others it takes longer.  But the joy of connecting very tangibly with our spirits is available to all of us, and any effort we make soon pays off. This is how the power of love works inside us, and since it is the power of love, it is infinite.





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