Music for Meditation

Music can quiet our minds and open our hearts, and the right music can help us meditate more deeply. But what kind of music is that?  By experimenting with different songs while meditating you can see whether a song makes you feel sleepy – more left sided – or disturbs or excites your mind – more right sided – or, ideally, takes you deeper into thoughtless meditation.

Western classical music, especially Mozart or Bach, works great for relaxation but the gold standard for meditation is Indian classical music with a harmonic system designed to elevate the spirit in meditation and give joy rather than thoughts and reactions. The music below all works well for meditation.



Anand M on Flute ~ 31 minutes





ShivKumarSharma ~ Raga Basant (spring) ~ 30 minutes





Heavenly River ~ 11 minutes





Mozart ~ 7 minutes

Mozart ~ 9 minutes





Hariprasad Chaurasia on Flute ~  Madhuvanti ~ 15 minutes

Hammer Dulcimer Santoor ~ 10 minutes



Musical App


You can download a Sahaja Musical iPad/iPhone App here



CDs for meditation, to buy (Amazon) and download:
After much trial and error we have found these two CDs to be great for taking us into thoughtless awareness:

Harmony – Music for Yoga & Healing Therapy
by Rakesh Chaurasia, Ulhas Bapat
Amazon MP3 available here.

Shiv Kumar Sharma – 60th Birthday Release
Listen online to this CD here.

Listen to more Sahaja meditation music at Free

Listen to more Indian music designed for meditation here.

Listen for free: Music India Online ( is great for trying out different classical Indian music CDs. All the musicians listed below make music easy to meditate to.

Hariprasad Chaurasia (flute)
Ali Akbhar Khan (sarod)
Bhajan Sopori (santoor)
Shiv Kumar Sharma (santoor)
Vishwa Mohan Bhatt (slide guitar)
Dr Rajam (violin)
Zakir Hussain (tabla)
Bismillah Khan (shehnai)

Happy meditating!