Intro to Meditation

3facesMeditation is not something we can ‘do’ but a state where the mind is quiet but still aware. Normally our thoughts are either about the past or future but in meditation these drop off and what’s left is a pure awareness and experience of the present moment.

‘When a man knows the solitude of silence, and feels the joy of quietness, he is then free’ Buddha

Try and look at something without thinking, just observe, can you do it? Meditation teaches us how to witness without reacting, to be aware but neutral. It clears our minds so we become more like that in general. It also gives us back that ability to look at simple things, a tree, a bird, and feel the joy like children do.

The word Sahaja means spontaneous, and Sahaja Yoga Meditation taps us into a natural and spontaneous process for achieving this higher state of awareness. Imagine how a seed sprouts or a tree grows, it happens naturally, spontaneously, we can nurture it but it can’t be forced. The state of meditation is the same, it must be effortless, by allowing it to happen it works. Relaxing our efforts and just letting ourselves be alive in a simple way is the challenge, for most of us anyway. For more see:

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